Our Mission, Purpose & Values

To work like dogs on our journey towards making a difference through better business.

To build brands for the future of pets, people and planet. To construct and shape impactful brands that enrich the deep interconnection between pets, people and planet. Knowledge, learning and collaboration underpin our commitment to continuously build a more sustainable business that considers the needs of the natural world, and all within it.



Passion for pets, people and planet. Intentional community building. We grow meaningful, insightful and valuable networks driven by connection and purpose. Growth guided by pets, people and planet. Impact is everything.Originality and innovation in marketing, product, design and experiences. As the consumer changes the market, we listen, without sacrificing our values.


Facilitate deeper emotional connections between pets, and those that care for them. Only the highest quality standards around production and operations. Backed by accreditation. Products driven by science, we lean on experts to keep learning about what your pet needs, and why. Spreading the love. We support local charities helping animals in need.


Advocating the local economy, as an employer of choice and an influential member of the business community. Aim high, looking to positively impact individuals across our global supply chain. Providing sustainable employment, growth underpins security for those that rely on our business. We operate with humanity and empathy in matters of health - both physical and mental. We need each other, we build a culture of support, inclusivity and collaboration that extends beyond our business. We invest in the personal growth of our people. Should they leave, they do so with more than they came with.


Committing to exploring innovative, eco- friendly solutions for packaging, transport, energy and waste; our biggest environmental challenges. Fostering sustainable and ethical partnerships throughout our supply chain. Continued commitment to reduce and offset our carbon footprint.Align with organisations and accrediting bodies that will guide us along our environmental journey. By acknowledging our place as global citizens, we will support organisations who are making a difference at scale. Adopting a student mindset. We know we can always improve, and we never stop learning.


Life-long Learners

Open-minded, curious, exploratory; always looking for a better way. We never stop learning from those around us. Everything with best intention. Where we make mistakes, we understand why and put it right.


Respect, support and team work as a non-negotiable prerequisites. Recognise each others strengths, develop each others weakness’. We move forward together, or not at all.


We empower individuals to develop, thrive and build a future of their own making. This belief starts in-house, but permeates out from everything we try and do. We are one team...