Sniffers Pet Care Trading Terms

These conditions are the only conditions on which we sell goods. Unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing they will apply.

Within these conditions “goods/orders” means all goods sold by us to you, “we/us/our/ Sniffers Pet Care” means Sniffers Pet Care Limited, and “you/your” means the person, company and or individual director(s) or any other legal entity purchasing the goods.

We reserve the right to suspend delivery in the event that circumstances arise which, in our view, oblige us to do so, or in the event that our accounts are not paid to terms.

We reserve the right to reduce or cancel orders in the event of your insolvency, our inability through shortage of stock or for any other reason to execute delivery wholly or in part and to make reasonable alterations to products and/or packaging as circumstances may demand.

There is no contract between us until we accept your order. Each order is a separate contract.

We reserve the right to enforce any of our terms and conditions against an individual director and that director will accept full liability for any breach of these terms.

VAT will be charged on all orders against the rate on order date.

Prices are subject to alteration and all prices are applicable on the date of order.

Minimum order value as of 01st December 2021 is £350 + VAT.  No goods are offered on a sale or return basis.

Delivery Lead time in working days – 7 Days.

Damages and returns:. All damages must be reported by you to us within 3 days of receipt of delivery. A credit note will be issued by Sniffers Pet Care as appropriate.

Unless other credit terms have been specifically agreed in writing, payment is Pro Forma.

Any consumer complaint concerning any of our goods must be referred directly to us and we will deal with it. We will not accept responsibility for any payment made by you to a consumer in settlement of any such claim.